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Living Room Haul Image Using Tagspire

The code used to embed the Tagspire post is as follows and requires no extra plugin or extension to work: <script type=”text/javascript” src=”//” data-tagspire-post=”26851″ async></script> Here is the same post embed in several other popular web properties: Tumblr: Squarespace:  
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Tagspire Mobile App Using Machine Learning To Auto-link To Retailer

The short video above illustrates the Tagspire mobile app identifying an Apple iPhone in a photo taken by the app and then auto-tagging the product in the image linking it to the purchase page.  Our neural network has been trained to identify an “Apple iPhone Red Product” and then link it to, in this case, the buy page on The final post is...

Textbook example of a well designed Tagspire post

The Tagspire post embeded above is a textbook example of an omnichannel marketing use of tags (reviewed from top to bottom) on a single image. The first tag provides a direct link to Amazon to purchase the product directly The second tag is a video tag (that plays in-post) and provides an immersive overview of the product The thrid tag is a link to a review...