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Tagspire Flatlay Photo Posts – The Ultimate Converting Affiliate Landing Page

Sometimes it is good to get back to basics. This article is dedicated to the enterprising, entrepreneurial and hustling horde of affiliate marketers out there.

In full disclosure, we didn’t realize we were building the ultimate converting landing page platform. It actually was a few sharp affiliate marketers that turned us on to the fact. In this post, we will discuss what a landing page is (for the noobs out there), how to use the Tagspire warehouse of affiliate products to earn a commission (if you are presently not an affiliate) and how to use your own affiliate links if you are an old timer with all of this. In addition, we will cover:

– Enhancing the metadata and SEO quality of your Tagspire post
– Embedding your content in your own blog
– Sharing your post to other social media platforms

What is a landing page?

Well, it can be a number of things for a variety of reasons; lead generation, email marketing list creation, a squeeze page, etc. But for all intents and purposes, we will define it as a page that a potential buyer will “land” on once they have clicked an ad or an organic search result. Furthermore, many retailers require that affiliates use landing pages as the destination URL for their paid ads as part of their terms and conditions.

The Tagspire Warehouse

One of the many cherished parts of Tagspire is the ability to create an account and have access to well over 30 million products, with which you can tag your post, from a variety of merchants ranging from Best Buy to Nordstrom, which we affectionately call the “Warehouse”. Members can bypass the lengthly and usually disheartening hurdle of affiliate network membership and authorization per retailer. A full list of those retailers are here. Simply upload an image or video, choose the ($) tag type and search for your desired product. A good example of a post using the Tagspire Warehouse inventory to tag the image post is embedded above.

Using Your Own Affiliate Links

For those of you that have an established relationship with an affiliate network, you can use your own affiliate links via the link tag type and create a link tag to literally anything your heart desires. For example, the embedded post below is using Amazon Affiliate links.

Enhancing The SEO Quality Of Your Tagspire Content

This could be an entire post on it’s own but in short, metadata, metadata, metadata! A good title and description full of keywords and hashtags… keep it fresh and relevant.

Embedding Your Content On Your Own Blog And Sharing To Social Media

Simply click on the share icon and choose as shown below. To view a recent blog post about embedded content, click here.

Video Posts – Magical!

For those of you that want to really lock in the sale, create video posts with your affiliate tags embedded, such as the example below:

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